Equine Guided Education (EGE) is a personal growth and leadership development experience that is directed and guided by horses.  For groups and individuals, EGE will reconnect you to what is most essential in your life and work and lead you to more freedom, authenticity and happiness.

Transformative Horsemanship is an approach to being with, training and riding horses that fosters communication, understanding and partnership, in which both horse and human are changed.



What People are Saying...

Sylvie has a way of seeing the dynamic between the horses and the human team and creating an inquiry that helps the team move through understanding into action. She is incredibly observant and makes connections for people in ways that are based in fact without being judgmental, and her inviting sense of humor puts people at ease to be who they are. Sylvie and the horses create a powerful shared experience for the team that generates a common language they can refer to over and over again. This process will remind you and your team about connection, care and true interaction.
— Heather Neely, Leadership Development and Executive Coach
Sylvie’s ability to create a safe environment while she guides you into the grounded, loving and spacious world of the horse is remarkable. Once inside, you’ll learn to see yourself the same way the horses do. It’s nothing short of revolutionary.
— Rowena Ritchie, EGE Participant
Sylvie possesses that rare ability to look for the real heart of a horse...and the diligence to find a way to connect with it. She is an astute, sensitive observer of horses and people, and she will always teach you with the truth - she points to what is really going on between you and your horse and helps you work through it. Her honest, individualized format allows her students to develop their own sensitivity and create a solid foundation in real horsemanship.
— Chris Ellsworth, Horseman/Clinician
I had a lifelong dream to spend time with horses and learn to ride. I was a novice to horsemanship and Sylvie guided me from the basics to more advanced skills with incredible kindness and patience. She helped me embrace the learning possibilities of being a beginner, pushed me when I needed it and encouraged me through the challenges of learning to ride. Sylvie’s unique combination of a deep understanding of horses and tremendous spiritual depth helps me access all of my senses and sensibilities in the process of learning how to connect with and ride horses. It has been a transformational experience that far exceeded my expectations, hopes and dreams for this pursuit.
— Liz Wiecha, Horsemanship Student

EGE for Leadership, Teams and Groups

Find out how horses are masters at leadership and cooperation. Unlock more potential in yourself, more engagement from your team and more effective group dynamics.

EGE for

Give yourself the gift of time spent in quiet reflection, attended by the magnificent presence of the herd. EGE will yield remarkable shifts in your life’s balance, contentment, meaning and purpose.



Upgrade your relationship with your horse into a true partnership. Learning how to communicate and connect with your horse will change your groundwork and your riding, and that's just the beginning.