Where are the horses located?

Our EGE facility is a private property in the coastal hills near La Honda, California.



Is this the same thing as
Equine Therapy?

As a stand-alone experience one-on-one EGE is a way for healthy individuals to explore personal development, life goals, stuck places, and to reconnect with their core selves to regain forward movement in their life journeys. It is not psychotherapy, but it can be a powerful complement the therapeutic process. I welcome referrals from therapists and other providers who want to include EGE as a supportive addition to their clients’ treatment plans.



I don’t have any experience with horses. 
Can I do EGE?

Yes! All interactions with the horses are unmounted and no experience is required. The most important elements for a rich EGE experience are your curiosity, openness and sense of adventure.



I'm scared of horses.
Can they "smell" my fear?

It’s natural to be intimidated by such a large animal – horses average 1,000-lbs. and are often portrayed as high-strung, snorting beasts that need “taming.” In reality they want to get along with us and seek harmony and stillness.

The horses know if you're afraid, but they don't mind as long as you can be honest about it. Fear is welcome in EGE and we can work together to help you feel comfortable. Safety is the number one priority and you will be supported to approach the horses at your own pace – you will never be forced to do something you don’t want to do.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes or boots and clothes you can get dirty in.

What should I bring?

You are welcome to bring anything that will help you feel comfortable and relaxed in an outdoor environment, but at a minimum we recommend you have bottled water, a hat, sunscreen and layered clothing for changes in temperature.