please speak more slowly, so my heart can hear you...

Open the door to a deeper experience of your spirit and core self. One-on-one EGE is an opportunity to slow down, turn inward and ask your most important questions. Your session will start with a conversation between us to clarify what's up for you in the moment. After some grounding exercises you will step into the pen with your gentle equine guide to discover what unfolds when you ask with a sincere heart.

Horses are inclusive, connected and fully present to your inner state, and they naturally mirror the emotions they encounter in each other and in you. This connection is the starting point for EGE and provides valuable information that points out your patterns and stuck places. It comes through their body language, without judgment – they simply show you what is. These insights are easier to accept when delivered by a horse who carries no hidden motive or agenda. Many people are able to make and integrate lasting change much faster with EGE than with more traditional methods. Horses also bring something else to the EGE process, a profound wisdom that comes from some otherworldly place and reconnects you to your true heart. This is the magic of Equine Guided Education, and being with the horses is an adventure for the spirit that replenishes a deep well you never noticed had run dry.

You are welcome come out to the horses for any reason (or no reason at all), but here are a few ways that EGE can support your life's journey.


Life Changes

As you navigate the stages of your life you may reach a crisis point or breakdown when it’s time to step into a new phase. The chaos of change is disorienting, and you may grapple with core questions: who am I and what do I want from this stage of life? What is my purpose now? Where do I find joy and fulfillment? Step into the round pen and let the horses guide you through the phases of the change process. We will take you through specific exercises that can help you at each important stage: clarifying how you came to be where you are, identifying where you want to be headed, and taking bold steps into new territory.

As a Spiritual Inquiry

Most spiritual traditions encourage reflection or meditation, which quiets the mind so we can hear the “still, small voice” that is always present. I encourage practitioners of all traditions, as well as seekers and questioners, to spend time immersed in the deep silence of the herd. EGE loosens the grip of your mental process and allows you to drop into sensory awareness, which is where you will find your connection to all things. As you become more connected with the horses and more quiet, the spiritual concepts you’ve been pondering with your mind will suddenly make sense in a new way.


Ongoing Challenges

If you are learning to cope with psychological or health issues such as anxiety, PTSD, cognitive differences, depression or grief, EGE is a powerful addition to your current therapies; it enhances the work you do with your healthcare professional and provides a quiet place to slow down, let go of expectations and feel the support of the herd. Simply being with and among the horses can regulate emotions, quiet stress responses and improve confidence, self-awareness, acceptance and motivation.


Special Situations

Please inquire about a sliding scale for veterans, first responders, teachers and other providers of essential services.

I’m open to exploring ways we can incorporate EGE sessions into established programs for teens, veterans, addiction/alcohol recovery, the homeless and other vulnerable populations. How can the horses support the change and learning of your program’s special needs?