Horses are naturally skilled at leadership, cooperation and organization,
and they do it all without words.

Horses are social animals and live in cooperative herds with complex social structures.  As prey animals they find safety in numbers, so they must be able to get along in a group and respond quickly to decisive leadership. Like humans, they take comfort in feeling connected and valued. And because maintaining herd structure and membership is critical for survival, they are experts at coordinating roles and behaviors for the good of the whole. These highly evolved group dynamics are still hard-wired in today’s domesticated horses and they have a long history of success to share with us.


EGE for Leadership and Team Building

Ignite your team’s curiosity and sense of adventure. EGE sparks new ideas, opens perception and makes a creative space for your team to find new ways to lead, support and relate. Progressive interactions with the horses highlight leadership styles and coordination skills, expand awareness and shift the focus to non-verbal communication. The result is a creative discussion that recaptures flow, transparency and engagement. This is the beginning of a courageous and inspiring conversation that can re-energize your team and bring them together with more focus, empathy and authenticity.

EGE for Leadership and Team Building can touch on many areas of development for the health, happiness and success of working teams:

~ Building trust and setting boundaries
~ Taking ownership with confidence
~ Skillfully navigating conflict
~ Developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
~ Softening barriers to authentic communication
~ Enabling nimble responses to change

Let's talk and determine the best avenue to explore with your work team – we will tailor a theme that supports the unique culture of your organization. Here are just a few topics that could get things started:  

  • clarifying vision and execution in times of uncertainty; courageously and cooperatively finding the way through

  • recognizing and reconciling different work styles and approaches; energizing group cohesiveness through diversity

  • everyone is a leader of something; taking ownership of the role you play and knowing when you will follow

  • what does engagement really mean; finding authenticity and balance in yourself, your communication and within the spheres of your life



EGE for Family and Social Groups

Research shows that humans are healthier and live longer when they have strong family and social support networks. Horses are also social animals and need connection to their herd for survival. They navigate their social relationships with great ease and efficiency, letting go of conflicts and cooperating for the good of the whole. EGE offers healing and progress to any group experiencing challenges in connection and well-being: family, school cohorts, sports teams, spiritual circles, political groups and therapy or recovery groups. Whenever you experience a breakdown in communication, creativity or progress in a group setting it’s a great time to come out to the horses.

Special Situations

I’m open to exploring ways we can incorporate EGE sessions into established group programs for teens, veterans, addiction/alcohol recovery, the homeless and other vulnerable populations. How can the horses support the change and learning of your program’s special needs?