As a facilitator and teacher, I feel the greatest gifts I can offer are
the lessons I've taken from my own experience.


I believe self inquiry is the most essential tool for a healthy life, and I was lucky to begin my journey at a young age. I’ve spent most of my life looking within and facing what I found there – I’ve been there, and I get it. I’ve travelled many paths seeking to understand myself and others, always with a fierce commitment to the truth. I grounded it with education: I earned an advanced degree in Consciousness Studies, apprenticed and became a yoga teacher, studied horticulture and ecology, and learned informally from healers in multiple modalities, while reading voraciously and maintaining a spiritual practice. At the same time, I made a long career as an administrator in Silicon Valley – I understand the challenge of leadership at every level of an organization. Today I’m still looking deeply at my own life but with more breadth, compassion and understanding.


Along the way I discovered a gift for seeing straight into people’s stories and delivering spot-on insights with clear and powerful language. I also learned that slowing down and being present to the moment opens a window to awareness and deeper knowledge – here we can see the obvious next step and take it with courage. These two themes form the foundation of my work as an Equine Guided Education facilitator. That’s where the horses come in – they, too, see our true stories and live grandly in a state of total awareness of this moment. I’ve experienced their quietude, presence and clarity, and it is my great joy to assist them in bringing these gifts to others.


I arrived at Transformative Horsemanship out of necessity. As a rider I tried everything – trails, jumping, dressage, even cattle work – I understood the mechanics of riding, but I hadn't learned the truth about horses. Then I met a young horse who pushed me to the edge of my knowledge and sent me seeking to understand her. At that time I met horseman Chris Ellsworth, who has now been my mentor for several years. He showed me what was possible when we take the time to understand how our horses think and how they perceive us – true horsemanship. Then he told me to ask my horse for the rest.


It was a natural progression for me to partner with horses to work with people who want to make change in their lives – the qualities that are essential to good horsemanship are also the keys to an authentic and balanced life. With the quiet, forgiving and honest guidance of the horses, it is possible for each of us to move forward into clarity, transformation and deeper engagement with life, work and play.

Sylvie Anacker, MA, CEGE is a SkyHorse EGE™-certified facilitator and Transformative Horsemanship instructor. Working with one or more of her herd of horses Sylvie offers individuals and groups a powerful, creative inquiry into their most important questions about life, work and spirit. Taking cues from the deep wisdom of the horses and the natural environment, Sylvie draws on decades of studies and experience in psychology, consciousness, somatics, yoga, ecology and intuitive guidance to provide context to the horses’ honest, direct teachings.

As a horsemanship instructor Sylvie focuses on creating a working partnership between human and horse, helping students achieve a genuine connection and clear dialogue with their horses that can be carried into any riding discipline or simply enjoyed together.

Sylvie holds a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies and Level 2 certification from SkyHorse EGE™.